Michail Pappas

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Physical and chemical changes can degrade the visual color appearance of old paintings. Five digital color restoration techniques, which can be used to simulate the original appearance of paintings, are presented. Although a small number of color samples is employed in the restoration procedure, simulation results indicate that good restoration quality can(More)
Many old paintings suffer from the effects of certain physicochemical phenomena , that can seriously degrade their overall visual appearance.Digital image processing techniques can be utilized for the purpose of restoring the original appearance of a painting, with minimal physical interaction with the painting surface. In this paper, a number of methods(More)
optical signal processing. Until now, the latter has been restricted to processing 1-D and 2-D signals only because in order for a signal to be processed optically, it has to be represented on a planar screen. Although holography allows planar representation of 3-D images, it does not allow us to compute set and morphological operations on them.(More)
With the growth of high dimensional data, feature selection is a vital component of machine learning as well as an important stand alone data analytics tool. Without it, the computation cost of big data analytics can become unmanageable and spurious correlations and noise can reduce the accuracy of any results. Feature selection removes irrelevant and(More)
—Digital implementations of sorting networks that rely on a digital signal processor core are not as efficient as their analog counterparts. This paper builds on the comparators for which efficient analog implementations exist that employ operational amplifiers. From a statistical point of view, comparators are based on nonlinear means. Their probability(More)
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