Michail Nosov

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Multiple sclerosis is an autoimmune disease of the central nervous system (CNS) that is initiated when self-reactive T cells enter the brain and become locally activated after encountering their specific nervous antigens. When and where the disease-relevant antigen encounters occur is unclear. Here we combined fluorescently labeled nuclear factor of(More)
A new cryosurgical apparatus, model AKT-01 for treatment of erosions, uterine cervix polyps, pointed condylomas and for cryocoagulation of the uterine mucosa has been designed. As a refrigerant nitrous oxide is employed in the apparatus. The latter made up of a cryoprobe, a stand and a cylinder with compressed nitrous oxide is mounted on a trolley. The(More)
Two units with different refrigerants and cooling temperature are recommended for treating various gynecological affections by the method of cryodestruction of pathological changes in the cervical tissue and the uterine mucosa. In these liquid nitrogen, nitrous oxide and carbon dioxide are employed as refrigerants.
A stomatological cryoirrigator intended for the treatment of precancerous affections of the oral mucosa and dental pulp through reproduction of local cryonecrosis is described. The cryoprobe helps obtain an oriented capillary jet of a liquid cooling agent. The design of the cryoirrigator ensures a graded delivery of the cooling agent and also the(More)
For local congelation of pathologically altered sections of the tissue the design of an earlier devised cryosprayer has been improved. The newly constructed model is convenient in handling, reliable in operation, has low weight and overall dimensions and ensures good visual view of the operation field. The new model of the cryosprayer is recommended for use(More)
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