Michail Mavropoulos

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Technology scaling leads to significant faulty bit rates in on-chip caches. In this work, we propose a methodology to mitigate the impact of defective bits (due to permanent faults) in first-level set-associative data caches. Our technique assumes that faulty caches are enhanced with the ability of disabling their defective parts at cache subblock(More)
As process technology continues to shrink, a large number of bitcells in on-chip caches is expected to be faulty. The number of defective cells varies from die-to-die, wafer-to-wafer, and in the field of application depends on the run-time operating conditions (e.g., supply voltage and frequency). Those trends necessitate i) to study fault-tolerant (FT)(More)
Processor caches play a critical role in the performance of today"s computer systems. As technology scales, due to manufacturing defects and process variations a large number of cells in a cache is expected to be faulty. The number of faulty cells varies from die to die and in the field of the application depends on the operating conditions (e.g., supply(More)
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