Michail Kagioglou

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This paper presents a review of literature of performance management/measurement in various industries with the aim of transferring best practise into construction. A framework is presented which ensures that effective strategies are deployed to form the performance management system that construction organisations can adopt. The Process Performance(More)
SUMMARY: It is widely acknowledged that work undertaken later in any product development process costs relatively more than that conducted early in the process (Gause and Weinbery, 1989). Research currently underway at the University of Salford in the development of a generic design and construction process protocol has highlighted the need for greater(More)
Sir Michael Latham (1994) published a report, which identified fragmentation and confrontational relationships as the greatest barriers to improving quality and productivity in the UK construction industry. The lead bodies for change in the UK Construction Industry e.g. the Construction Research and Innovation Strategy Panel (CRISP); the Construction(More)
1. Abstract Increased globalised competition and the need to meet continuously changing customer requirements have forced the manufacturing industry to consider the way certain key activities were undertaken from a 'process' viewpoint. This has proven to have a number of advantages relative to the traditional functional/departmental structure of the(More)
The mapping of the design and construction process has been gaining momentum in the last few years. However, the focus has been on mapping the high level processes or the information required to perform certain processes. One such high level process that has enjoyed considerable success is the Process Protocol. It integrates the various participants of a(More)
Web-based Construction collaboration extranets (CCEs) are adopted for improving information management, communication and collaborative working in the construction industry. Previous studies have demonstrated their development, evolution and implementation. The benefits, barriers and success factors surrounding the use of CCEs are also discussed. However,(More)
The overall performance measurement of a healthcare system should be related to benefits realisation optimisation, looking for equilibrium between resource utilization (cost and time) and services provided (access and quality). The built environment should be seen, not only as context, but also as a resource that enables and potentially impacts on(More)