Michail K. Tsatsanis

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A novel viewpoint to the collision resolution problem is introduced in this paper for wireless slotted random access networks. This viewpoint is based on signal separation principles borrowed from signal processing problems. The received collided packets are not discarded in this approach but are exploited to extract each individual user packet information.(More)
In this paper, linear blind CDMA receivers are derived using inverse filtering criteria. The receiver parameters are directly obtained without explicit estimation of the system/channel. Both synchronous and asynchronous cases are addressed, and multipath distortions are explicitly considered and compensated for. The approach is based on minimizing the(More)
This paper deals with the multiuser medium access problem in the packet radio environment. Under the framework of network diversity multiple access (NDMA), a recently proposed medium access method, a blind collision resolution scheme is proposed employing rotational invariance and factor analysis techniques. The proposed approach (dubbed B-NDMA for Blind(More)
Novel linear algorithms are proposed in this paper for estimating time-varying FIR systems, without resorting to higher order statistics. The proposed methods are applicable to systems where each time-varying tap coefficient can be described (with respect to time) as a linear combination of a finite number of basis functions. Examples of such channels(More)