Michaelene M Ostrosky

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We investigated variables that may influence the generalization of a replacement mand in 3 young children with severe language delays. A multiple baseline design consisting of one stimulus class of manding opportunities that we arbitrarily divided into three categories (i.e., food, toys, and events) was used for each child. During baseline probes, all(More)
Hedda Meadan, PhD, is an assistant professor of special education at Illinois State University. Her areas of research include social and communication behavior of young children with disabilities. The preschoolers in Ms. Mimi's classroom are very busy throughout the day, working on emerging pretend-play skills, turn taking, conflict management,(More)
® Over the past decade, there has been a significant rise in the number of children in group care settings, including child care, Head Start, and public and private preschool (U.S. Department of Education 2007). Along with this trend, programs face increased pressure to document children's academic and social outcomes (Shonkoff & Phillips 2000). As teachers(More)
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