Michaela Toms

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A 6-year follow-up study of height and weight was conducted between 1975 and 1983 in a total of 149 sibling pairs of the same sex, one of whom had been exposed to diagnostic ultrasound in utero. The data were analyzed for the entire sample group, as well as for subgroups defined by sex, gestational age at delivery, birth order, and gestational age at time(More)
Three patients are described with muscular dystrophy and contractures. Although this disorder bears similarities to Emery-Dreifuss disease and variants previously described, absence of cardiomyopathy is a distinguishing feature. Electrodiagnostic testing and muscle biopsy are consistent with a myopathy. An autosomal dominant pattern of inheritance is(More)
Readmission to hospital is an expensive but common occurrence, estimated to cost the NHS approximately pound1.6bn a year. This study analyses the opinions of community matrons who proactively manage NHS service users who are frequently admitted to hospital. The study design was qualitative and used a phenomenological approach. A semi-structured interview(More)
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