Michaela Riedl

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BACKGROUND Patients with type 1 diabetes mellitus (DM1) have to be active participants in their treatment because they are inevitably responsible for their own day-to-day-care. Availability of mobile Internet access is advancing rapidly and mobile phones are now widely available at low cost. Thus, mobile phones have the potential to assist in daily diabetes(More)
OBJECTIVE Ghrelin and peptide YY (PYY) are both hormones derived from the gastrointestinal tract involved in appetite regulation. The cholinergic part of the vagal nerve is involved in the regulation of glucose and insulin. The aim of this study was to examine the effects of the cholinergic antagonist atropine on ghrelin, PYY, glucose, and insulin under(More)
Apoplexy due to infarction and/or hemorrhage is a frequent complication of pituitary adenoma, occurring either spontaneously or precipitated by several factors, among them pituitary function test with hypothalamic releasing hormones. The mechanism by which releasing hormones cause pituitary apoplexy is unclear. It has been proposed that increase in(More)
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