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Many scientific disciplines ranging from physics, chemistry and biology to material sciences, geophysics and medical diagnostics need a powerful X-ray source with pulse lengths in the femtosecond range 1-4. This would allow, for example, time-resolved observation of chemical reactions with atomic resolution. Such radiation of extreme intensity, and tunable(More)
We aimed to assess the prevalence, incidence, age-of-onset and diagnostic stability of threshold and subthreshold anorexia nervosa (AN) and bulimia nervosa (BN) in the community. Data come from a prospective-longitudinal community study of 3021 subjects aged 14-24 at baseline, who were followed up at three assessment waves over 10 years. Eating disorder(More)
OBJECTIVE Study aim was to translate the PROMIS(®) pain interference (PI) item bank (41 items) into German, test its psychometric properties in patients with chronic low back pain and develop static subforms. METHODS We surveyed N = 262 patients undergoing rehabilitation who were asked to fill out questionnaires at the beginning and 2 weeks after the end(More)
It was our aim to develop a questionnaire for patients with chronic musculoskeletal diseases to self-report their health education literacy, to analyse the psychometric properties of the instrument and to test hypotheses concerning sociodemographic predictors of health education literacy. A total of 577 patients with chronic back pain or osteoarthritis who(More)
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