Michaela Králová

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The fully automatic non-radiometric cultivation system BACTEC MGIT 960 of Becton Dickinson is one of the systems using the so-called rapid metabolic method of mycobacteria cultivation. For detection of mycobacterial growth it uses the fluorescent technology. The objective of the present work is to compare the effectiveness of this system with classical(More)
The authors present their experience with the follow up and influencing of postoperative pain in 65 children aged 6-18 years operated and hospitalised at the department of paediatric surgery of the Faculty Hospital in Hradec Králové. The authors investigated in operated children with different diagnoses the topology, quality, intensity, development and(More)
The authors deal with the importance of pain in the Douglas space during rectal examination and the contribution of the axillo- rectal difference in temperature in the diagnosis of acute appendicitis in a group of 402 children operated on who had the above preoperative diagnosis. Marked pain in the Douglas space was recorded in 53.6% children and complete(More)
NIR spectroscopy together with multivariate data analysis were used to analyze the hydrates of diclofenac sodium prepared from the non-aqueous solvents tetrahydrofuran and methanol under standard laboratory conditions at 20 °C and relative humidity less than 60%. It was confirmed that the developed PLS regression model can monitor the process of formation(More)