Michaela Knapp-Mohammady

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The MS(n) spectra of the [M + H](+) and b(5) peaks derived from the peptides HAAAAA, AHAAAA, AAHAAA, AAAHAA, and AAAAHA have been measured, as have the spectra of the b(4) ions derived from the first four peptides. The MS(2) spectra of the [M + H](+) ions show a substantial series of b(n) ions with enhanced cleavage at the amide bond C-terminal to His and(More)
The recently proposed close-packed motif for collagen is investigated using first principles semi-empirical wave function theory and Kohn-Sham density functional theory. Under these refinements the close-packed motif is shown to be stable. For the case of the 7/2 motif a similar stability exists. The electronic circular dichroism of the close-packed model(More)
Adiabatic electron affinities (AEA) and structural perturbations due to addition of an excess electron to each of the neutral guanine-cytosine (G-C), adenine-thymine (A-T), and hypoxanthine-cytosine (HX-C) base pairs were studied using the self-consistent charge, density functional tight-binding (SCC-DFTB-D) method, augmented by the empirical London(More)
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