Michaela Hoare

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We explore how physical artefacts can be connected to digital records of where they have been, who they have encountered and what has happened to them, and how this can enhance their meaning and utility. We describe how a travelling technology probe in the form of an augmented acoustic guitar engaged users in a design conversation as it visited homes,(More)
We describe a new personal computer based image transfer and storage system. We prospectively assessed the uses and benefits of ImLink (Electronic Imaging Ltd.) in a regional neuroradiology department linked by the system to six referring district general hospitals. One hundred and fifty consecutive CT scans transferred by the system were analysed (142(More)
HCI is increasingly interested in amateurism, but the wider literature suggests that the amateur is a complex and distinctive phenomenon. An interview study reveals the nature of the amateur in the digital age. Even though operating non-professionally at a micro-scale, amateur musicians employ a plethora of online services to sustain local fanbases, reach(More)
An on-line computer technique is described for the detection and quantitation of left-to-right shunts. The computer used Student's t test to evaluate the probability that variations in right heart oxygen saturations were due to left-to-right shunts. The computer method was found to compare favorably to the present step-up method of detecting left-to-right(More)
Imlink, a personal computer based image storage and transfer system, has been used regularly in Oxford since 1989, primarily to transmit computed tomography (CT) brain scans to the regional neurosurgery centre for management advice. Recently this system has been used to send a weekly educational programme (CT and magnetic resonance imaging neuroradiology(More)
Carolan is an acoustic guitar that has been decorated with interactive patterns that can be scanned using a mobile camera so as to connect to a digital record of how the instrument was made, where it has been and who has played it. Carolan was created as a travelling technology probe to explore the concept of accountable artefects, everyday objects that(More)
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