Michaela Grant

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Of 55 children admitted to a children's psychiatric service, 21 were homicidally aggressive. Psychiatric symptoms and diagnoses did not distinguish these children from the nonhomicidal children, but the homicidally aggressive children were significantly more likely to 1) have a father who behaved violently, often homicidally, 2) have had a seizure, 3) have(More)
Cognitive reappraisal and acceptance are two presumably adaptive emotion regulation strategies in depression. More recently, self-compassion has been discussed as another potentially effective strategy for coping with depression. In the present study, we compared the effectiveness of self-compassion with a waiting condition, reappraisal, and acceptance in a(More)
BACKGROUND Since there is no disease-specific instrument for measuring quality-of-life (QOL) in Ostomy patients in Persian language. AIM This study was designed to translate and evaluate the validity and reliability of City of Hope-quality of life-Ostomy questionnaire (COH-QOL-Ostomy questionnaire). SUBJECTS AND METHODS This study was designed as(More)
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