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OBJECTIVE Fusobacterium necrophorum is a well established cause of Lemierre's disease (LD); a syndrome characterised by severe sore throat, septicaemia, multiple abscesses and jugular vein thrombosis. There is no published data concerning the role of F. necrophorum in recurrent sore throats. As the result of an index case of persistent sore throat(More)
Currently available point-of-care (POC) diagnostic tests for managing urinary tract infections (UTIs) in general practice are limited by poor performance characteristics, and laboratory culture generally provides results only after a few days. This laboratory evaluation compared the analytic performance of the POC UK Flexicult™ (Statens Serum Institut)(More)
Chondroma and laryngeal chondrosarcomas, tumours of variable malignancy, are rare but a source of concern given their location and the surgery involved. Their anatomical limits and classification are still difficult, to the extent that the diagnosis of chondroma is often questioned. Of the four cases reported, two presented a high degree of malignancy,(More)
The authors report a case where a woman presents a right jugular bulb procidence already known and responsible of a perception deafness. Secondarily, a right facial paralysis is appeared progressively and not regressive even with medical treatment. When the computed tomography as shown an intrapetrous diverticular, the facial paralysis treatment was(More)
After recalling the components and the factors influencing the pain, are stated the main reasons which needs for the evaluation of the pain. The different methods allowing an evaluation of the pain are then described with their advantages and disadvantages. These methods are based on, on one hand on questonary with as a support the use of different mono or(More)
Parotid vascular malformation in the adult is a very rare and benign tumor; only 47 cases were described in the world literature. This vascular malformation, mostly of venous origin is, on the opposite of the clinical, histological and evolution features of parotid hemangiomas in children, which are more frequent. Some clinical and radiological elements are(More)
Cannot simply be considered as a nociception phenomenon: it is more complex than a simple transmission system that conveys this information to the cerebral cortex. It is mainly a psychological event. Numerous regulating and inhibiting effects on incoming pain signals exist, for the most part located in spinal and thalamic areas; only half of these are(More)
After having recalled the different physiologic hypothesis of the tinnitus and those more documented of the pain, the authors noted certain parallelious in the therapeutical approaches of these tow subjectives sensations. They put the emphasis on the necessity, like with pain, to treat the tinnitus as fast as possible in order to avoid a centralisation by(More)
Foreign bodies in the nasal fossa are frequent and generally occur in children. In developing countries, access to an ENT specialist can be difficult or impossible. The authors describe several extraction techniques with special emphasis on those best suited to areas with limited access to specialist facilities. Using illustrations, a step-by-step(More)
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