Michaela Forssén

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BACKGROUND The aim was to describe levels, patterns and correlates of physical activity and sedentary behavior in a sample of Swedish children, two years of age, with normal weight, overweight and obese parents. METHODS Data from 123 children, 37 with normal-weight parents and 86 with overweight/obese parents, enrolled in the Early Stockholm Obesity(More)
AIM Parental obesity is the predominant risk factor for child obesity. We compared sleep in one-year-old children with different obesity risks, based on parental weight, and explored associations with weight, parental sleep and family factors. METHODS Baseline data from 167 families participating in a longitudinal obesity prevention programme was used.(More)
AIM To explore the simultaneous impact of parental adiposity and education level on infant growth from birth to 12 months, adjusting for known early-life risk factors for subsequent childhood obesity. METHODS Baseline data for 197 one-year-old children and their parents, participating in a longitudinal obesity intervention, were used. Obesity risk groups,(More)
PURPOSE To compare dietary intake in 1-year-old infants and their parents between families with high and low obesity risk, and to explore associations between infant dietary intake and relative weight. METHODS Baseline analyses of 1-year-old infants (n = 193) and their parents participating in a longitudinal obesity intervention (Early STOPP) were carried(More)
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