Michaela Florica Mesaroş

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Health is a right that requires responsible individual actions. Oral health corresponds to an important part of general health, even if for a large majority of people healthy teeth are equal with beautiful teeth. For children and adolescents "having an attractive smile" is synonymous with social acceptance and success. Dental decay has a high incidence in(More)
BACKGROUND AND AIMS Nowadays centric relation is defined as a musculoskeletal stable position, with the condyles forward, as far upward as possible, centered transversely and with the articular disc properly interposed. On the other hand, centric occlusion or maximum intercuspidation is a dental determined position. The purpose of this pilot study is to(More)
INTRODUCTION An attractive facial appearance is considered nowadays to be a decisive factor in establishing successful interactions between humans. In relation to this topic, scientific literature states that some of the facial features have more impact then others, and important authors revealed that certain proportions between different anthropometrical(More)
The diagnosis of infectious bacterial neonatal syndrome (IBNS) was based on 3 arguments: --the suggestive anamnestic investigation of the mother; --clinical signs revealing the infection in the new-born child; --paraclinical data. The evoking anamnestic data during pregnancy and parturition are highly important. Of them, the most frequently met were:(More)
Waardenburg syndrome is a rare form of neurocristopathy. It is a disorder in the development of neural crest cells, caused by an altered cellular migration during the embryonic phase. That alteration causes an association of different abnormalities such as pigmentary disturbances of the hair, iris, skin, stria vascularis of the cochlea, dystopia canthorum(More)
ANCA MESAROS1*, CAMELIA ALB1, BOGDAN CULIC1, MICHAELA MESAROS2, MARIOARA MOLDOVAN3, LAURA BRU-CIFRE1, MINDRA BADEA4 1 Iuliu Hatieganu ̈ University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Faculty of Dental Medicine, Department of Dental Propaedeutics and Aesthetics, 32 Clinicilor Str., 400006, Cluj-Napoca, Romania 2 Iuliu Hatieganu ̈ University of Medicine and Pharmacy,(More)
The authors have studied two groups of children from the City of Cluj. The first lot included 1212 children aged 6-7 years, and the second one included 616 children aged 12-13 years. The study consisted in an evaluation of the status of definitive molar teeth in the period which followed the eruption. The frequency of decay was 47.62% for the first molar(More)
Of a total of 24 newborn with neonatal bacterial infectious syndrome (NBIS), in 157 (65.12%) the infection appeared immediately at birth. In the rest of 84, the clinical manifestations appeared in the first 4 days of life followed in decreasing order by systemic manifestation without location on pneumonia and bronchopneumonia were the most frequently(More)
This paper is devoted to investigate numerical optimization algorithms of the theory of deformable surfaces and to emphasize some of their computerized applications in medical image analysis and prosthetic surgery. After defining the 3D variational deformable model, both in static and dynamic form, an algorithm for finding the optimal deformable surface is(More)
In a retrospective study extending on a 5-year period, authors have analysed the incidence of the bacterial infectious syndrome with maternofetal transmission in the newborns admitted to the above-mentioned department. Among 20,674 live-born infants, 241 cases (1.16%) with diseases of an infectious character with vertical transmission were recorded. The(More)