Michaela De Martino

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In the context of sea and ocean monitoring from SAR images, this paper illustrates a study of azimuth ambiguities, together with a new approach suggested to solve the problem. The proposed method presents here the added value in application to coastal monitoring and ship detection. This work is developed in the context of the project 1 funded by the Italian(More)
In the framework of the monitoring of structures and infrastructures from environmental disasters, the COSMO-SkyMed constellation has a huge potential, thanks to up to metric spatial resolution, short revisit time, and the day/night all-weather acquisition capability ensured by SAR. This paper focuses on the scientific results of the project " Development(More)
In the context of hyperspectral-image classification, a key problem is represented by the Hughes' phenomenon, which makes many supervised classifiers ineffective when applied to high-dimensional feature spaces. Furthermore , most traditional hyperspectral-image classi-fiers are noncontextual, i.e., they label each pixel based on its spectral signature but(More)