Michaela Colonna

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 The sedimentological and chronological study of Holocene reef sequences recovered in drill cores through modern reefs of Mauritius, Réunion Island and Mayotte allows the reconstruction of sea level changes and reef growth patterns during the Holocene. The branching-coral facies systematically predominates over coral head facies throughout the Holocene reef(More)
We investigate the dynamical behavior of unstable systems in the vicinity of the critical point associated with a liquid-gas phase transition. By considering a mean-field treatment, we first perform a linear analysis and discuss the instability growth times. Then, coming to complete Vlasov simulations, we investigate the role of nonlinear effects and(More)
We investigate the density dependence of the symmetry energy in a relativistic description by decomposing the iso-vector mean field into contributions with different Lorentz properties. We find important effects of the iso-vector, scalar δ channel on the density behavior of the symmetry energy. Finite nuclei studies show only moderate effects originating(More)
In recent years, the renewed interest for foods with a natural image has increased the demand for dry pasta produced from "hulled" wheat such as the Triticum turgidum ssp. dicoccum, also known as "farro". In order to contribute to the general knowledge, two lines of farro were considered in this study. To have a comparison, an old cultivar of Triticum(More)
Heavy Ion Collisions (HIC) represent a unique tool to probe the in-medium nuclear interaction in regions away from saturation and at high nucleon momenta. In this report we present a selection of reaction observables particularly sensitive to the isovector part of the interaction, i.e. to the symmetry term of the nuclear Equation of State (EoS) At low(More)
We study the effect of a direct Giant Dipole Resonance (GDR) excitation in intermediate dinuclear systems with exotic shape and charge distributions formed in charge asymmetric fusion entrance channels. A related enhancement of the GDR gamma yield in the evaporation cascade of the fused nucleus is expected. The dynamical origin of such GDR extra strength(More)
We estimate the dipole radiation emitted in fusion processes. We show that a classical bremsstrahlung approach can account for both the preequilibrium and the thermal photon emission. We give an absolute evaluation of the preequilibrium component due to the charge asymmetry in the entrance channel and we study the energy and mass dependence in order to(More)
In this paper we discuss the reaction mechanisms that occur in the overlap zone for semi-peripheral heavy ion collisions at intermediate energies. In particular we focus on the development of neck instabilities, that could determine a possible increase of dynamical fluctuations. As observed in recent experimental data, at beam energies just above 10 M eV /A(More)
We discuss fragmentation mechanisms and isospin transport occurring in central collisions between neutron rich systems at Fermi energies. In particular, isospin effects are analyzed looking at the correlations between fragment isotopic content and kinematical properties. Simulations are based on an approximate solution of the Boltzmann-Langevin (BL)(More)
We show the possibility of extracting important information on the symmetry term of the Equation of State (EOS) directly from multifragmentation reactions using stable isotopes with different charge asymmetries. We study n-rich and n-poor Sn + Sn collisions at 50AMeV using a new stochastic transport approach with all isospin effects suitably accounted for.(More)