Michaela Bairlein

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Protein kinases are pivotal regulators of cell signaling that modulate each other's functions and activities through site-specific phosphorylation events. These key regulatory modifications have not been studied comprehensively, because low cellular abundance of kinases has resulted in their underrepresentation in previous phosphoproteome studies. Here, we(More)
We report a proteomics strategy to both identify and quantify cellular target protein interactions with externally introduced ligands. We determined dissociation constants for target proteins interacting with the ligand of interest by combining quantitative mass spectrometry with a defined set of affinity purification experiments. We demonstrate the general(More)
An antibody-drug conjugate (ADC) is a unique therapeutic modality composed of a highly potent drug molecule conjugated to a monoclonal antibody. As the number of ADCs in various stages of nonclinical and clinical development has been increasing, pharmaceutical companies have been exploring diverse approaches to understanding the disposition of ADCs. To(More)
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