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BACKGROUND The successful treatment of intraabdominal infection requires a combination of anatomical source control and antibiotics. The appropriate duration of antimicrobial therapy remains unclear. METHODS We randomly assigned 518 patients with complicated intraabdominal infection and adequate source control to receive antibiotics until 2 days after the(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the association of pretrauma center (PTC) red blood cell (RBC) transfusion with outcomes in severely injured patients. BACKGROUND Hemorrhage remains a major driver of mortality. Little evidence exists supporting PTC interventions to mitigate this. METHODS Blunt injured patients in shock arriving at a trauma center within 2 hours of(More)
A prospective, multicenter, randomized controlled trial found that four days of antibiotics for source-controlled complicated intra-abdominal infection resulted in similar outcomes when compared with a longer duration. We hypothesized that patients with specific risk factors for complications also had similar outcomes. Short-course patients with obesity,(More)
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