Michaela Ťoukálková

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Pediatric airway management is a challenge in routine anesthesia practice. Any airway-related complication due to improper procedure can have catastrophic consequences in pediatric patients. The authors reviewed the current relevant literature using the following data bases: Google Scholar, PubMed, Medline (OVID SP), and Dynamed, and the following keywords:(More)
BACKGROUND Takotsubo cardiomyopathy also known as transient balooning syndrome is an increasingly reported phenomenon characterized by acute reversible apical or midventricular dysfunction. This stress- induced cardiomyopathy mimics myocardial infarction, but without significant coronary artery disease, and rarely presents in perioperative period. METHODS(More)
Stroke is a rare condition in childhood with an estimated incidence of between 1.3-13/100.000 patients. Clinical manifestation and risk factors for paediatric stroke are different from those of adults. The uncommon incidence, age-associated difference and plethora of clinical symptoms make the diagnosis of such strokes extremely difficult and often delayed.(More)
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