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A new species of long-eared bat from Europe (Chiroptera: Vespertilionidae)
A b s t r a c t . A new species of bat of the genus Plecotus from the Alps and other mountainous regions of Europe is described. Plecotus alpinus sp. nov. can be distinguished from other Plecotus
Delineating bacterial subspecies Additional file 3 to : “ Complete genome sequence of DSM 30083 T , the type strain ( U 5 / 41 T ) of Escherichia coli , and a proposal for delineating subspecies in
We here describe our approach to finding clustering parameters suitable for delineating subspecific bacterial lineages using the same intergenomic distances that can be used to estimate digital
Age and sex specific timing, frequency, and spatial distribution of horseshoe crab spawning in Delaware Bay: Insights from a large-scale radio telemetry array
To study horseshoe crab Limulus polyphemus spawning behavior and migration over a large-spatial extent (>100 km), we arrayed fixed station radio receivers throughout Delaware Bay and deployed radio
Orbitolinids from Cretaceous sediments of the Middle East-a revision of the F.R.S. Henson and Associates Collection
Orbitolinids (here taken to mean Orbitolina sensu lata) are agglutinating larger foraminifera and are one of the most important groups of microfossils for Early to mid-Cretaceous biostratigraphic
Infection sequence and pathogenicity of Ophiostoma ips , Leptographium serpens and L . lundbergii to pines in South Africa
Three exotic bark beetles (Coleoptera: Scolytidae), Hylastes angustatus, Hylurgus ligniperda, and Orthotomicus erosus, infest Pinus spp. in South Africa. These beetles are generally considered as
Functional Morphology of Copulation in Chrysomelidae-Criocerinae and Bruchidae (Insecta: Coleoptera)
Results gained from investigations of pairs of Acanthoscelides obtectus (Bruchidae), Oulema melanopus,Oulema duftschmidi and Lilioceris lilii (Criocerinae) fixed in copula are presented.
Biology and population characteristics of Squalus mitsukurii from a seamount in the central North Pacific Ocean
.-Little information exists on the biology of the Re cently, large numbers of this spe cies were taken incidentally during research surveys conducted at Southeast Hancock Seamount in the central
Lanea new genus, lineage ofEarly Devonian conodonts
Lanea n. gen. is based on a sequence of Pa elements that occurs in the middle Lochkovian centra! Nevada and in the Spanish Pyrenees. In addition, parts of the sequence are known in Alaska, Czech
Habitat and Feeding Observations on Species of Ophiocoma (Ophiocomidae) at Enewetak
Habitat and feeding differences among seven species of the Genus Ophiocoma (Ophiuroidea: Ophiocomidae) were examined at Enewetak, Marshall Islands. A variety of suspension, deposit, and water surface