Michael van der Laan

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T here is growing appreciation for the advantages of experimentation in the social sciences. Policy-relevant claims that in the past were backed by theoretical arguments and inconclusive correlations are now being investigated using more credible methods. Changes have been particularly pronounced in development economics, where hundreds of randomized trials(More)
Future water scarcities in the face of an increasing population, climate change and the unsustainable use of aquifers will present major challenges to global food production. The ability of water footprints (WFs) to inform water resource management at catchment-scale was investigated on the Steenkoppies Aquifer, South Africa. Yields based on cropping areas(More)
The application of small cryocoolers for cooling a superconducting magnet at 12 K has important advantages especially for small and medium sized magnets. A simple construction and a helium free magnet system is obtained. The demonstration magnet developed is a s ix coil system with a volume of 75 L and can be regarded as a 1:3 scale MFtI magnet. With a(More)
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