Michael van Vugt

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BACKGROUND Type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM) is a highly prevalent chronic metabolic disease characterized by hyperglycemia and cardiovascular risks. Without proper treatment, T2DM can lead to long-term complications. Diabetes self-management is recognized as the cornerstone of overall diabetes management. Web-based self-management programs for T2DM patients(More)
UNLABELLED Trial registration: NCT01570140. BACKGROUND Due to ongoing rise in need for care for people with chronic diseases and lagging increase in number of care providers, alternative forms of care provision and self-management support are needed. Empowering patients through an online care platform could help to improve patients' self-management and(More)
BACKGROUND Self-management is recognized as the cornerstone of overall diabetes management. Web-based self-management programs have the potential of supporting type 2 diabetes patients with managing their diabetes and reducing the workload for the care provider, where the addition of online coaching could improve patient motivation and reduce program(More)
We studied the use, uptake, and effects of e-Vita, a personal health record, with self-management support and personalized asynchronized coaching, for type 2 diabetes patients treated in primary care. Patients were invited by their practice nurse to join the study aimed at testing use and effects of a personal health record. Patients were followed up for 6(More)
BACKGROUND Online platforms offer opportunities for support in changing lifestyle and taking responsibility for one's health, but engaging patients with type 2 diabetes is challenging. Previous studies have shown that patients interested in platforms were more often male, younger, and higher educated. This study aims to investigate differences in clinical(More)
Women with chronic pelvic pain experience serious distress and lifestyle disruption. Confronted with a difficult condition to diagnose and treat effectively, doctors express a negative perception of this group of 'heartsink' patients. This study aimed to characterise medical attitudes towards the treatment of women with chronic pelvic pain. Tape recorded(More)
Although the use of kerbside recycling facilities by householders is often key to the reduction of materials disposed of to landfill, the quantitative assessment of householders' recycling behaviour is problematic. This study introduces a method to diagnose recycling behaviour by assessing kerbside scheme use in terms of the set-out of recyclate containers(More)
BACKGROUND (Flexible) Assertive community treatment ((f)act) is applied increasingly to forensic psychiatric clients. However, evidence about the effectiveness of forensic (f)act is scanty. AIM To investigate to what extent (subgroups of) clients receiving care from forensic (f)act teams show, after a year, changes in their social and psychological(More)
AIMS Diabetes self-management education improves behavioural and clinical outcomes in type 2 diabetes patients, however little is known about the modifying effects of well-being. This is relevant given high prevalence of depression and distress among diabetes patients. We aimed to test whether low well-being modifies the effects of the PRISMA(More)