Michael Zapf

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The mobile agent paradigm can be employed effectively for the decentralized management of complex networks. Nevertheless, legacy management protocols such as SNMP need to be supported for reasons of migration and efficiency. We show how the integration of the two paradigms leads to a flexibly adjustable decentralized management architecture. NetDoctor is a(More)
This chapter aims to address some of the fundamental issues that are often encountered in optimization problems, making them difficult to solve. We explain why these issues make optimization problems hard to solve and present some possible countermeasures for dealing with them. By doing this, we hope to help both practitioners and fellow researchers to(More)
Genetic programming is known to provide good solutions for many problems like the evolution of network protocols and distributed algorithms. In such cases it is most likely a hardwired module of a design framework that assists the engineer to optimize specific aspects of the system to be developed. It provides its results in a fixed format through an(More)
The primary purpose of a wireless sensor network (WSN) is to collect and disseminate sensory data and possibly perform some calculations. However, there are no convenient frameworks in place to allow instant access to this sensed information in a programming environment. Using a model-driven approach, we present a development tool to support applications(More)