Michael Zaki

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BACKGROUND A number of smartphone medical apps have recently emerged that may be helpful for the neurosurgical patient, practitioner, and trainee. This study aims to review the current neurosurgery-focused apps available for the iPhone, iPad, and Android platforms as of December 2013. METHODS Two of the most popular smartphone app stores (Apple Store and(More)
The continuous sliding-window query model is used widely in data stream management systems where the focus of a continuous query is limited to a set of the most recent tuples. In this paper, we show that an interesting and important class of queries over data streams cannot be answered using the sliding-window query model. Thus, we introduce a new model for(More)
The domain of smart meeting rooms is an interesting emerging subset of pervasive learning environments. In a given smart meeting room, several users are supposed to cooperate together while employing a set of static and dynamic heterogeneous devices beside an ensemble of passive objects. Moreover the location specification for every resident entity in the(More)