Michael Zaki

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The ability to obtain accurate predictions of bus arrival time on a real time basis is vital to both bus operations control and passenger information systems. Several studies have been devoted to this arrival time prediction problem in many countries; however, few resulted in completely satisfactory algorithms. This paper presents an effective method that(More)
BACKGROUND A number of smartphone medical apps have recently emerged that may be helpful for the neurosurgical patient, practitioner, and trainee. This study aims to review the current neurosurgery-focused apps available for the iPhone, iPad, and Android platforms as of December 2013. METHODS Two of the most popular smartphone app stores (Apple Store and(More)
In this paper, an integrated multiagent testing tool, is presented. Such tool comprises static analyzer, dynamic tester and an integrator of the two components for detecting security vulnerabilities and errors in agent based web applications written in Java. The static analysis component analyzes the source code of the web application to identify the(More)