Michael Zajc

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Recently, various conservative regimens for the treatment of cervical pregnancy have been introduced to preserve fertility in young women, with methotrexate being one of the most widely used drugs. The success of conservative treatment depends on early preoperative diagnosis. We report three cases of first trimester cervical pregnancy, successfully treated(More)
OBJECTIVE To show that the fetal outcome in vaginal deliveries (VD) of breech presentation in a setting of a senior obstetrician stand-by system is as good as in planned cesarean sections. PATIENTS AND METHODS This observational prospective intent-to-treat study (n=211 singleton breech presentation pregnancies of ≥35 weeks of gestation) compared two(More)
OBJECTIVE HELLP syndrome is a severe form of preeclampsia, characterized by hemolysis (H), elevated liver enzymes (EL), and low platelets (LP), whose pathogenesis is unclear. Autoimmunity is thought to play an important role. After the observation of development of type 1 diabetes in a patient with HELLP syndrome, we assumed a possible disease association(More)
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