Michael Z. F. Li

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An increasing number of thorough QT (TQT) reports are being submitted to the US Food and Drug Administration's interdisciplinary review team for QT (IRT-QT), requiring time-intensive quantitative analyses by a multidisciplinary review team within 45 days. This calls for systematic learning to guide future trials and policies by standardizing and automating(More)
This document examines the formation, structure, and principles guiding the use of electrocardiogram (ECG) data sets obtained during thorough QT studies that have been derived from the ECG Warehouse of the Cardiac Safety Research Consortium (CSRC). These principles are designed to preserve the fairness and public interest of access to these data,(More)
This paper introduces the multimodularity concept to study structural properties for certain class of stochastic dynamic control problems through a new efficient approach. We demonstrate that this approach can substantially simplify the proofs of the main results of one recent article and provide an alternative method for two other models in the literature.(More)
This paper provides a unified framework to study monotone optimal control for a class of Markov decision processes through D-multimodularity. We demonstrate that each system in this class can be classified as either a substitution-type or a complement-type system according to the possible transition set, which can be used as a classification mechanism that(More)