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Plectin, the most versatile cytolinker identified to date, has essential functions in maintaining the mechanical integrity of skin, skeletal muscle and heart, as indicated by analyses of plectin-deficient mice and humans. Expression of plectin in a vast variety of tissues and cell types, combined with a large number of different binding partners identified(More)
The various plectin isoforms are among the major crosslinking elements of the cytoskeleton. The importance of plectin in epithelia is convincingly supported by the severe skin blistering observed in plectin-deficient humans and mice. Here, we identified plectin 1a (> 500 kDa), a full length plectin variant containing the sequence encoded by the alternative(More)
Cytolinker proteins stabilize cells mechanically, regulate cytoskeleton dynamics, and provide scaffolds for signaling molecules. For plectin, the prototype of these proteins, an unusual diversity of isoforms has been reported, which show distinct expression patterns, subcellular localizations, and functions. Plectin has been shown to have important(More)
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