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We present infrared imaging of a sample of 11 hot spots in the lobes of powerful radio galaxies. We have detected infrared counterparts to the hot spots in 3C 20 West, 3C 33 South, 3C 111 East and 3C 303 West all of which have known optical counterparts as well. In addition, we detected the radio jet of 3C 303 in the near infrared. Four other hot spots,(More)
As field determinations take much effort, it would be useful to be able to predict easily the coefficients describing the functional response of free-living predators, the function relating food intake rate to the abundance of food organisms in the environment. As a means easily to parameterise an individual-based model of shorebird Charadriiformes(More)
The focus of this research was to investigate whether video game play reframed into the context of cumulative stress could play a moderating role on externalising behavioural outcomes. A sample of 14-15 year old adolescent boys (N = 197) were administered self-report measures relating to video game use, cumulative stress and externalising behaviours.(More)
BACKGROUND Occurrences of strokes often result in unilateral upper limb dysfunction. Dysfunctions of this nature frequently persist and can present chronic limitations to activities of daily living. METHODS Research into applying virtual reality gaming systems to provide rehabilitation therapy have seen resurgence. Themes explored in stroke rehab for(More)
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