Michael Winston Dales

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Reconfigurable processor hybrids are becoming an accepted solution in the embedded systems domain, but have yet to gain acceptance in the general purpose workstation domain. One problem with current solutions is their lack of support for the dynamic workloads and resource demands of a general purpose workstation. In this paper we describe and demonstrate a(More)
This paper presents the techniques being developed to design a high speed PostScript rendering engine using virtual hardware. The problem of rendering PostScript for high quality colour correct printed output is decomposed into a series of tasks which can be performed in sequence on one FPGA, making this application very suitable for implementation with(More)
This paper describes the starting position for research beginning at The research will investigate a novel microprocessor design incorporating reconfigurable logic in its ALU, allowing the processor's function units to be customised to suit the currently running application. We argue that this architecture will provide a performance gain for a wide range of(More)
The Proteus Architecture proposed a general purpose microprocessor with reconfigurable function units. The ProteanARM represents an ARM-based realisation of this concept. This paper describes the initial details of the Protea-nARM architecture and demonstrates some performance benefits gained through the use of custom function units. Our examples show a(More)
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