Michael Wilmore

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The study determined the policies and procedures for the control and prevention of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) and its prevalence among nursing and residential homes, and evaluated whether certain home characteristics such as bed size, staffing level, and type of home are related to the prevalence of MRSA. A 21-questionnaire survey,(More)
This paper examines how pregnant women living in South Australia use information and communication technologies (ICTs), principally Internet and mobile phones, to access pregnancy-related information. It draws on 35 semistructured interviews conducted as part of the 'Health-e Baby' project, a qualitative study designed to assess the information needs and(More)
The majority of combat-related traumatic brain injury (TBI) within the U.S. Armed Forces is mild TBI (mTBI). This article focuses specifically on the screening, diagnosis, and treatment aspects of mTBI within the military community. Aggressive screening measures were instituted in 2006 to ensure that the mTBI population is identified and treated. Screenings(More)
Civil society associations in Asia have been keen to exploit new media in their activities. There is, however, a parallel recognition that there are great inequalities in rates of access to new media, both between and within countries. Researchers argue that the term 'digital divide' popularly used to describe such inequalities should be reserved for(More)
BACKGROUND Usage rates for information and communication technologies (ICTs) in healthcare have been increasing in recent years, but often lag behind general usage rates for populations as a whole. Research into such differential rates of ICT use across different segments of the population has identified a number of possible causal factors that limit usage.(More)
OBJECTIVE to examine the informal approaches taken by midwives and other antenatal staff to adapt health communication to the needs of their patients, as well as their perception of the barriers faced when trying to provide tailored health promotion. DESIGN qualitative research methods (participant observation, individual and group interviews) were(More)
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