Michael William Webb

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This new book has probably been designed and produced to augment Byfield's earlier text 'Chiropractic Manipulative Skills' which impressed me as groundbreaking. I think it satisfies that role. With the exception of the first chapter, which is devoted to identification of the clinical issues and a presentation of current evidence, this is a 'how to' book and(More)
The MR base station framing structure is described as having two zones, an Access Zone and a Relay Zone. All MR-BS to RS communications takes place in the Relay Zone. This document describes an optional AAS frame structure and access mechanism that can be used within the Relay Zone in order to support high capacity MR base stations. Notice This document has(More)
Excessive sodium consumption is both prevalent and very costly in many countries around the world. Recent research has found that more than 90% of the world's adult population live in countries with mean intakes exceeding the World Health Organization's recommendation, and that more than a million deaths every year may be attributable to excess sodium. This(More)
to award grants to improve the quality of justice in State courts, facilitate better coordination between State and Federal courts, and foster innovative, efficient solutions to common issues faced by all courts. Additional funding was provided by the Texas Task Force on Indigent Defense, Office of Court Administration. Established in 2001 by the Texas(More)
We thank Eric Kuehler with the USDA Forest Service Southern Research Station and Al Zelaya with the Davey Tree Expert Company for their assistance with field data processing. We also want to thank the City of Winchester staff along with Tim Stern (former city arborist) for providing GIS data and facilitating access to public property for field data(More)
We derive a new density-biased Monte Carlo technique which preserves detailed balance and improves the convergence of grand-canonical simulations of a species with a strong preference for an interfacial region as compared to the bulk. This density-biasing technique is applied to the solubility of "alcohol" molecules in a mesoscopic model of the lipid(More)
OBJECTIVE  To quantify the cost effectiveness of a government policy combining targeted industry agreements and public education to reduce sodium intake in 183 countries worldwide. DESIGN  Global modeling study. SETTING  183 countries. POPULATION  Full adult population in each country. INTERVENTION  A "soft regulation" national policy that combines(More)