Michael Willenborg

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The first phase of glucose-induced insulin secretion is generally regarded to represent the release of a finite pool of secretion-ready granules, triggered by the depolarization-induced influx of Ca2+ through L-type Ca2+ channels. However, the experimental induction of insulin secretion by imposed plasma membrane depolarization may be more complicated than(More)
Because of state-based regulation, single-state insurers are subject to oversight by a unique, domiciliary regulator (i.e., regulatory integration), whereas in the case of multi-state insurers, regulatory responsibilities are spread across several regulators (i.e., regulatory separation). In this study, the author draws upon recent theoretical literature(More)
This study examines the conditions under which financial restatements lead corporate boards to dismiss independent auditors and how the market responds to those dismissal announcements. We find that auditors are dismissed at higher than normal rates after restatements, but in contrast to prior research on CEO/CFO turnover, we find no evidence of(More)
We study auditor going-concern opinion decisions around the time of the recent wave of stressed Internet companies filing to go public on Nasdaq. Our objectives are to investigate the veracity of claims of auditor acquiescence at this time and, more generally, to examine auditor decisions during what was arguably an asset pricing 'bubble'. With regard to(More)
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