Michael Wiegand

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Spoken Language Systems at Saarland University (LSV) participated this year with 5 runs at the TAC KBP English slot filling track. Effective algorithms for all parts of the pipeline, from document retrieval to relation prediction and response post-processing, are bundled in a modular end-to-end relation extraction system called RelationFactory. The main run(More)
In order to evaluate the impact of aging on EEG sleep patterns we investigated the polysomnograms of 74 patients with major depression and 51 healthy volunteers aged 18-65 years. In most of the EEG sleep parameters, age-related changes were obvious in both the depressives and the normals. In the patients, some of these alterations occurred earlier and were(More)
This paper presents a survey on the role of negation in sentiment analysis. Negation is a very common linguistic construction that affects polarity and, therefore, needs to be taken into consideration in sentiment analysis. We will present various computational approaches modeling negation in sentiment analysis. We will, in particular, focus on aspects,(More)
For the slot filling task of TAC KBP 2010 we developed as a system a simple pipeline architecture whose main components are a two-stage retrieval module and a relation extraction module. We use word-cluster features in the system as a method of achieving generalization by exploiting raw text. In the relation extraction module we use distant supervision in(More)
In recent years, sedating antidepressants have been increasingly used to treat primary insomnia. Up to now, only one open pilot study with trimipramine and one double-blind placebo-controlled study with doxepin have provided scientific support for this approach in treating primary insomnia. In order to test the hypothesis that sedating antidepressants are(More)
This double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial of yohimbine hydrochloride included 86 patients with erectile dysfunction and without clearly detectable organic or psychologic causes. The patient group fulfilled all entry criteria; 85 of these could be considered for the Safety-respectively 83 for the Intention-to-treat (ITT)-analysis. Yohimbine was(More)
In this paper, we describe MLSA, a publicly available multi-layered reference corpus for German-language sentiment analysis. The construction of the corpus is based on the manual annotation of 270 German-language sentences considering three different layers of granularity. The sentence-layer annotation, as the most coarse-grained annotation, focuses on(More)
Though polarity classification has been extensively explored at document level, there has been little work investigating feature design at sentence level. Due to the small number of words within a sentence, polarity classification at sentence level differs substantially from document-level classification in that resulting bag-of-words feature vectors tend(More)
In 30 depressed patients who had responded to total sleep deprivation therapy, morning naps led more frequently to relapses into depression than did afternoon naps. Longer naps were less detrimental than shorter ones, and there was no significant relationship between the effect of a nap on mood and its content of slow-wave-sleep. The amount of the rapid(More)