Michael Wiedmann

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Learning-by-invention is an approach to mathematical instruction where small groups explore possible methods of solution before learning the " right answer " (e.g., Schwartz & Martin, 2004; Kapur & Bielaczyc, 2011). In a series of studies we have been investigating the effects of group composition in terms of math ability on learning by invention. An(More)
Robust knowledge consists of both conceptual and procedural knowledge. In order to address both types of knowledge, offering students opportunities to explore target concepts in an exploratory learning environment (ELE) is insufficient. Instead, we need to combine exploratory learning environments, to support students acquisition of conceptual knowledge,(More)
This paper describes the development and evaluation of an affect-aware intelligent support component that is part of a learning environment known as iTalk2Learn. The intelligent support component is able to tailor feedback according to a student's affective state, which is deduced both from speech and interaction. The affect prediction is used to determine(More)
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