Michael Wess

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Clofarabine is a good generation purine nucleoside analogue designed to overcome the limitations and to incorporate the best qualities of both cladribine and fludarabine. Clofarabine is thought to work via three mechanisms: inhibition of ribonucleotide reductase; incorporation to DNA; and induction of apoptosis. Given these mechanism of action, clofarabine(More)
The normal human audiogenic startle reflex is defined from a review of the literature, substantiated by a current investigation of normal subjects, and clarified pathophysiologically by a discussion of animal experimentation. The basic information is used to evaluate critically a variety of syndromes loosely termed 'startle' in the past. A new(More)
Imaging spectroscopy acquires imagery in hundreds or more narrow contiguous spectral bands. This offers unprecedented information for archaeological research. To extract the maximum of useful archaeological information from it, however, a number of problems have to be solved. Major problems relate to data redundancy and the visualization of the large amount(More)
Carbon-14 glucose, in which all carbon-hydrogen bonds were replaced by carbon-deuterium bonds (deuterioglucose), was extracted from algae growing in heavy water and exposed to [14C]carbon dioxide. The identity of [14C]deuterioglucose was confirmed by comparison with authentic material on two high performance liquid chromatography and two thin layer(More)
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