Michael Weiss

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Michael Weiss Compass, Inc. 550 Edgewater Dr. Wakefield, MA A compiler for vector processors must strip mine statements to fit the vector register length. The same compiler technology can be applied to SIMD machines, removing the need for a virtual processor mechanism and offering significant advantages over that approach. The different memory organizations(More)
A number of recent initiatives in both academia and industry have sought to achieve improvements in e-businesses through the utilization of Business Process Management (BPM) methodologies and tools. However there are still some inadequacies that need to be addressed when it comes to achieving alignment between business goals and business processes. The User(More)
The rapid introduction of new web services into a dynamic business environment can lead to undesirable interactions that negatively affect service quality and user satisfaction. In previous work, we have demonstrated how such interactions between web services can be modeled as feature interactions. In this paper, we outline a classification of web service(More)
Monitoring business activities using Business Intelligence (BI) tools is a well-established concept. However, online process monitoring is an emerging area which helps organizations not only plan for future improvements but also change and alter their current ongoing processes before problems happen. In this paper, we explore how monitoring process(More)
TurboJ is an oo-line Java compiler, translating Java byte-codes to native code. TurboJ operates in conjunction with a Java Virtual Machine (JVM); among the supported JVMs are those on HPUX, Linux, and Wind River's Tornado for Java (running under VxWorks). Interfacing with a standard JVM entails beneets not enjoyed by the alternate \standalone" approach;(More)
BACKGROUND Single-incision laparoscopy (SIL) has been developed to reduce surgical trauma, whereas technical difficulties in bleeding control limit the broad acceptance for hepatectomy. A novel minimized invasive strategy combining inline radiofrequency pre-coagulation and transumbilical SIL is presented herein. METHODS A cohort of 21 selected patients(More)
This article demonstrates how the User Requirements Notation (URN) can be used to model business processes. URN combines goals and scenarios in order to help capture and reason about user requirements prior to detailed design. In terms of application areas, this emerging standard targets reactive systems in general, with a particular focus on(More)