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Ventriculomegaly is an excess of fluid in the lateral ventricles within the developing cerebrum. It is usually diagnosed at a routine fetal anomaly scan at 18-22 weeks gestation. Management of the condition and counselling of parents are difficult, as the cause, absolute risk, and degree of resulting handicap cannot be determined with confidence.
In a region where falciparum malaria is endemic and where pregnant women traditionally receive only curative treatment for parasitaemias and no chemoprophylaxis 65 placental biopsy specimens were examined histologically for malaria pigment. Twenty seven placentas had pigment, but parasitaemias had been diagnosed antenatally in only 12 of these women despite(More)
AIM To examine the relation of overventilation and other clinical events to the development of pneumothoraces in ventilated neonates. METHODS A case-control study. RESULTS Fifty three (8.7%) of 606 ventilated neonates developed a pneumothorax. Eighteen (34%) cases and 23 (43%) controls were unintentionally overventilated (PaCO(2) < 4 kPa) at some time(More)
BACKGROUND Screening is necessary for infants at risk of retinopathy of prematurity. Despite local anaesthetic drops, infants find eye examinations distressing, displaying behavioural and physiological changes indicating acute pain. Oral sucrose and non-nutritive sucking reduce pain responses associated with invasive procedures. OBJECTIVE To evaluate the(More)
The effects of season and variations in the prevalence of infectious disease on the concentrations and daily production of breast-milk immunoproteins were studied in 152 rural Gambian mothers and their children up to 26 months post-partum. IgA, IgG, IgM, C3, C4, lactoferrin, lysozyme and secretory component concentrations and breast-milk volumes were(More)
In order to test whether lactational capacity can be improved by dietary interventions, a nutritionally balanced supplement was provided under carefully controlled conditions to 130 nursing mothers in Keneba, The Gambia over 12 months. Maternal mean energy intake (+/- s.e.) increased from 1568 +/- 15 kcal/d (6.56 +/- 0.06 MJ/d) to 2291 +/- 14 kcal/d (9.59(More)
Gambian women, who show marked seasonal fluctuations in energy balance, were offered a dietary supplement during pregnancy. This resulted in a net energy increment of 431 kcal/day. In the wet season, when the women were normally in marked negative energy balance due to food shortages and a high agricultural work load, the supplementation improved(More)
The body temperature of preterm babies can drop precipitously after delivery, and this hypothermia is associated with an increase in mortality and morbidity. Reports of hypothermia in babies of all birth weights, on admission to neonatal units, have come from all over the world; most also report increased mortality in association with hypothermia. Recent(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate whether exothermic sodium acetate mattresses were associated with an improvement in the thermal care of babies <30 weeks gestation between birth and admission to a neonatal unit. STUDY DESIGN Analysis of a three case series of babies: the first with traditional thermal care of drying and wrapping in a towel, the second with(More)