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We report an improved draft nucleotide sequence of the 2.3-gigabase genome of maize, an important crop plant and model for biological research. Over 32,000 genes were predicted, of which 99.8% were placed on reference chromosomes. Nearly 85% of the genome is composed of hundreds of families of transposable elements, dispersed nonuniformly across the genome.(More)
The DiseaseConnect (http://disease-connect.org) is a web server for analysis and visualization of a comprehensive knowledge on mechanism-based disease connectivity. The traditional disease classification system groups diseases with similar clinical symptoms and phenotypic traits. Thus, diseases with entirely different pathologies could be grouped together,(More)
The tension between software architecture and agility is not well understood by agile practitioners or researchers. If an agile software team spends too little time designing architecture up-front then the team faces increased risk and higher chance of failure; if the team spends too much time the delivery of value to the customer is delayed, and responding(More)
Dedication To Luge and Shiyou ii Acknowledgements I would first like to express my appreciation to my adviser, Professor Xianghong Jasmine Zhou, for her insight, guidance, and support. Over the last few years, her encouragement and commitment have been inspiring, and I am honored to take my place as an alumnus of her lab. Dr. Ming-Chih Kao for their(More)
In this paper, we describe the PhD Symposium organized as a part of the 14th International Conference on Agile Software Development (XP2013). The Symposium was run with an experimental adaptive structure and was divided into two workshops distributed across the conference as well as individual sessions during the conference. The activities of the second(More)
  • William Gasarch, S Roberts, Martin Vingron, Michael Waterman Reviewed, L Chrystopher, Nehaniv +3 others
  • 2002
Welcome to the Book Reviews Column. We hope to bring you at least three reviews of books every month. Three of the books reviewed in this column are from the DIMACS series. There will be more reviews of such books in the future. These books offer snapshops of a subfields of theory. I personally urge you to urge your library to subscribe to these books. It(More)
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