Michael Warden

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A novel scheme for the focusing of high-energy leptons in future linear colliders was proposed in 2001 [P. Raimondi and A. Seryi, Phys. Rev. Lett. 86, 3779 (2001)]. This scheme has many advantageous properties over previously studied focusing schemes, including being significantly shorter for a given energy and having a significantly better energy(More)
BACKGROUND A critical aspect of clinical and translational science (CTS) is interdisciplinary and collaborative research, which increasingly requires a wide range of computational and human resources. However, few studies have systematically analyzed such resource needs of CTS researchers. OBJECTIVE To improve our understanding of CTS researchers' needs(More)
Research-networking tools use data-mining and social networking to enable expertise discovery, matchmaking and collaboration, which are important facets of team science and translational research. Several commercial and academic platforms have been built, and many institutions have deployed these products to help their investigators find local(More)
In February 2005, Banner Health invested in healthcare IT as it implemented evidence-based practices of care at its newest hospital, Banner Estrella Medical Center in Phoenix. Combined with clinician-designed workflows, extensive training, and cultural change, the initiative saved the system $2.6 million through: Improvements in nurse retention. Decreased(More)
P. Bambade,* M. Alabau Pons, J. Amann, D. Angal-Kalinin, R. Apsimon, S. Araki, A. Aryshev, S. Bai, P. Bellomo, D. Bett, G. Blair, B. Bolzon, S. Boogert, G. Boorman, P. N. Burrows, G. Christian, P. Coe, B. Constance, J.-P. Delahaye, L. Deacon, E. Elsen, A. Faus-Golfe, M. Fukuda, J. Gao, N. Geffroy, E. Gianfelice-Wendt, H. Guler, H. Hayano, A.-Y. Heo, Y.(More)
Non linear antiferromagnetic resonance was observed by parallel pumping (PP) with continuous waves in (NHsCH~)~ CuC14. This system is unique in its low threshold for PP and its strong anisotropy. The absorbed microwave power displays self spiking. As a function of power the irregularity of periods between the spikes changes. Reproducible transitions from(More)
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