Michael Walston

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Methamphetamine (MA) abuse represents a growing problem in the USA with an increase of sudden death. To evaluate the immune function alterations due to chronic methamphetamine use, we examined C57BL/C mice with LP-BM5 retrovirus infection plus methamphetamine exposure. Mice were randomly assigned to the following groups: placebo, placebo(More)
The Small Aircraft Transportation System (SATS) protocol, developed at NASA, aims to increase air transportation access for smaller communities and improve the transportation of people, services, and goods by a more effective use of over 5,000 small public airports in the United States. By using model checking and I/O automata, a number of different groups(More)
The top 100 companies to work for in American were surveyed to determine what eldercare benefits they offer to employees and retirees. Benefits that allow employees flexibility (leave, time off, part time work, flextime, flexplace) were most frequently offered. Information and referral services (telephone, seminars, consultation) were less frequently(More)
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