Michael Wallbaum

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The ACTS project MOVE currently designs and develops a middleware architecture called Voice-Enabled Mobile Application Support Environment VE-MASE. The VE-MASE enhances the middle-ware architecture, which was developed in the ACTS project OnThe-Move, by providing support for interactive real-time multimedia applications and integrated voice and data(More)
– Locating users and terminals accurately within buildings is an important technology for mobile applications. However indoor geolocation systems presented in the past are often restricted to certain applications or sensor systems and mostly provide location information in a context specific manner. The WhereMoPS system is a flexible research platform for(More)
The MOVE (AC 343) project is dedicated to combine voice and data based services in a single environment. Future personal communicators, i.e. Personal Digital Assistants (PDA) with wireless communication facilities, will allow harmonisation of voice and Internet services using a single access network such as UMTS. The MOVE middleware and its application(More)
Determining the context of users and machines is an important topic in current computing research. An essential detail of a physical object's context is its location, which includes both the actual position as well as the semantics of the surroundings. This paper focuses on the specific problem of determining the position of objects and people within(More)