Michael W. Tian

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Fault-driven analog and mixed-signal testing calls for rapid fault simulationtechniques. A problem that has not been addressed effectivelyby existing research is that circuit parameters have tolerance ranges.In this paper, we propose representing parameters under variations asintervals, and present an efficient algorithm - based on interval analysisand(More)
This paper describes a method to improve the efficiency of nonlinear DC fault simulation. The method uses the Newton-Raphson algorithm to simulate each faulty circuit. The key idea is to order the given list of faults in such a way that the solution of previous faulty circuit can serve as a good initial point for the simulation of the next faulty circuit.(More)
|This paper presents a simulation-based approach to automatic test-frequency generation of linear analog circuits considering parameter variations. It consists of two steps. First, a candidate set of frequencies|each detects robustly some faults|is generated by a c oncurrent and lazy fault simulation method. Next, the minimum number of test frequencies to(More)
An interval-mathematic approach is presented for frequency-domain simulation and sensitivity analysis of linear analog circuits under parameter variations. With uncertain parameters represented as intervals, bounding frequency-domain responses is formulated as the problem of solving systems of linear interval equations. The formulation is based on a variant(More)
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