Michael W. Nonte

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OBJECTIVE There is great interest in designing implantable neural electrode arrays that maximize function while minimizing tissue effects and damage. Although it has been shown that substrate geometry plays a key role in the tissue response to intracortically implanted, penetrating neural interfaces, there has been minimal investigation into the effect of(More)
Many studies of the response of colonic tumors to therapeutics use tumor multiplicity as the endpoint to determine the effectiveness of the agent. These studies can be greatly enhanced by accurate measurements of tumor volume. Here we present a quantitative method to easily and accurately determine colonic tumor volume. This approach uses a biocompatible(More)
Chronic imaging of the peripheral nervous system with contemporary techniques requires repetitive surgical procedures to reopen an area of interest in order to see underlying biological processes over time. The recurrence of surgical openings on an animal increases trauma, stress, and risk of infection. Such effects can greatly lessen the physiological(More)
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