Michael W. Noel

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Atoms in an ultracold highly excited sample are strongly coupled through the dipole-dipole interaction. In an effort to understand and manipulate the complicated interactions in this system we are investigating their dependence on the relative orientation of the dipoles. By focusing a 480 nm beam from a tunable dye laser into a magneto-optical trap, we(More)
An atomic electron is prepared in a state closely analogous to Schrödinger’s coherent superposition of “live cat” and “dead cat.” The electronic state is a coherent superposition of two spatially localized wave packets separated by approximately 0.4 mm at the opposite extremes of a Kepler orbit. State-selective ionization is used to verify that only every(More)
Reasons for the low levels of job satisfaction reported by hospital pharmacy personnel, the potential impact of this dissatisfaction on the profession, and possible solutions to the problem are discussed. Low levels of satisfaction among hospital pharmacists may be largely because of the manner in which pharmacy is practiced. While leaders in pharmacy have(More)
Job satisfaction of hospital pharmacists and of support personnel in two Arizona cities were compared. A survey composed of job-satisfaction measures that have been used in previous research was sent to all hospital pharmacy personnel (270 pharmacists and 208 support personnel) in Tucson and Phoenix, Arizona. Sixteen facet-free questions measured overall(More)
The prescribing patterns for the cephalosporins and the cost-savings following restriction of cephalothin sodium and approval of cefazolin sodium were studied over a three-year period at a university hospital. The prescribing patterns for cefazolin relative to dose, frequency, duration of therapy and clinical indications were studied for 64 patients during(More)
A short microwave pulse is used to ionize a lithium Rydberg wave packet launched from the core at a well-defined phase of the field. We observe a strong dependence on the relative phase between the motion of the wave packet and the oscillations of the field. This phase dependent ionization is also studied as a function of the relative frequency. Our(More)
A system of three external cavity diode lasers is used to excite Rydberg states in rubidium. The 5S→5P→5D transitions are driven using lasers with λ = 780 and 776 nm respectively. From the 5D state, atoms fluoresce down to the 6P state. The final transition to Rydberg levels is from the 6P state with laser light near λ = 1016 nm. The nS and nD Rydberg(More)
The use of quantitative measurements for improving inventory management efficiency in hospital pharmacy is reviewed. Proper management of the pharmacy inventory affects the financial operation of the entire hospital. Problems associated with maintaining inadequate or excessive inventory investment are discussed, and the use of inventory valuation and(More)