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We report a rare case of fat-fluid levels in the extensor tendon sheaths of the wrist on MRI. An 18-year-old female sustained a direct injury to her left hand while playing soccer. Plain radiographs showed soft tissue swelling with no definite fracture plane appreciated on the initial review of the images. The pain and swelling were severe and an MRI was(More)
In Escherichia coli cells infected with bacteriophage ϕx174, mRNAs initiated by promoters PB and PD terminate after genes J, F, G, or H (TJ, TF, TG, or TH). These RNAs are relatively stable and contain mRNA-stabilizing signals at their 3′ ends. These signals were cloned after gene D of ϕx174 in an expression vector plasmid. The cloned signals stabilize mRNA(More)
Whether a federal contractor university's statutory right under the Bayh-Dole Act, 35 U.S.C. § § 200-212, in inventions arising from federally funded research can be terminated unilaterally by an individual inventor through a separate agreement purporting to assign the inventor's rights to a third party. ii PARTIES TO THE PROCEEDING Pursuant to Rule(More)
comments on previous incarnations. A very early version of this paper was presented at an Institute for Humane Studies workshop in April 2008, and I am grateful to the members of that workshop for their comments and encouragement. A much later version was presented to the faculty at St. Louis University School of Law, and I thank them for an extremely(More)