Michael W Mara

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Conjugated oligomers containing a common central thienothiophene unit symmetrically connected to two identical thiophene oligomers were studied as model systems for a series of low bandgap organic diblock copolymers. The oligothiophene side chain fragments were varied in length as a means to tune the electronic coupling between the thienothiophene and(More)
The metal-to-ligand-charge-transfer (MLCT) excited state of Cu(I) diimine complexes is known to undergo structural reorganization, transforming from a pseudotetrahedral D(2d) symmetry in the ground state to a flattened D(2) symmetry in the MLCT state, which allows ligation with a solvent molecule, forming an exciplex intermediate. Therefore, the structural(More)
Coherence in the metal-metal-to-ligand-charge transfer (MMLCT) excited state of diplatinum molecule [Pt(ppy)(μ-(t)Bu(2)pz)](2) has been investigated through the observed oscillatory features and their corresponding frequencies as well as polarization dependence in the single-wavelength transient absorption (TA) anisotropy signals. Anticorrelated parallel(More)
Although understanding the structural dynamics associated with ligand photodissociation is necessary in order to correlate structure and function in biological systems, few techniques are capable of measuring the ultrafast dynamics of these systems in solution-phase at room temperature. We present here a detailed X-ray transient absorption (XTA) study of(More)
Upon electrochemical oxidation of the precursor complexes [Cp*Ir(H(2)O)(3)]SO(4) (1) or [(Cp*Ir)(2)(OH)(3)]OH (2) (Cp* = pentamethylcyclopentadienyl), a blue layer of amorphous iridium oxide containing a carbon admixture (BL) is deposited onto the anode. The solid-state, amorphous iridium oxide material that is formed from the molecular precursors is(More)
Determining the electronic and geometric structures of photoexcited transient species with high accuracy is crucial for understanding their fundamental photochemistry and controlling their photoreactivity. We have applied X-ray transient absorption spectroscopy to measure the XANES and EXAFS spectra of a dilute (submillimolar) solution of the osmium(II)(More)
Cobaloximes are popular H2 evolution molecular catalysts but have so far mainly been studied in nonaqueous conditions. We show here that they are also valuable for the design of artificial hydrogenases for application in neutral aqueous solutions and report on the preparation of two well-defined biohybrid species via the binding of two cobaloxime moieties,(More)
This report will describe our recent studies of transition metal complex structural dynamics on the fs and ps time scales using an X-ray free electron laser source, Linac Coherent Light Source (LCLS). Ultrafast XANES spectra at the Ni K-edge of nickel(ii) tetramesitylporphyrin (NiTMP) were measured for optically excited states at a timescale from 100 fs to(More)
Photoexcited Nickel(II) tetramesitylporphyrin (NiTMP), like many open-shell metalloporphyrins, relaxes rapidly through multiple electronic states following an initial porphyrin-based excitation, some involving metal centered electronic configuration changes that could be harnessed catalytically before excited state relaxation. While a NiTMP excited state(More)