Michael W Kahn

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This article conceptualizes a predictable set of tensions that medical students experience in their new roles with patients on clinical clerkships: empathy versus over-identification, objectivity versus avoidance, collaboration versus coercion, and self-confidence versus "special-ness." These tensions are framed in a developmental context for students and(More)
The indigenous behavioural health programme for Aborigine and Islander Community of the Townsville area was belatedly funded and has recently been expanded. An additional group of five behavioural health technicians have been trained to provide broadened services emphasizing alcoholism counselling and community based activities. Evaluation of the programme(More)
Based on a program developed for the Papago Indians of Arizona, five Australian Aborigines were trained as Behavioral Health workers, to deliver mental health services to their group. The problems of the Aborigines are very similar to those of the Indians. The training consisted of developing basic skills in interviewing, case indentification and several(More)
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