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Characterization of the Role of the Rab GTPase-activating Protein AS160 in Insulin-regulated GLUT4 Trafficking*
Findings support an important role for AS160 in the insulin regulated trafficking of GLUT4, which is mediated by the cytosolic tail of insulin-regulated aminopeptidase which interacted both in vitro and in vivo with AS160. Expand
Acute bidirectional manipulation of muscle glucose uptake by in vivo electrotransfer of constructs targeting glucose transporter genes.
It is confirmed that glucose transporter expression is largely rate limiting for glucose uptake in vivo and the utility of in vivo electrotransfer for the acute manipulation of muscle gene expression in the study of the role of specific proteins in glucose metabolism is highlighted. Expand
Simple, robust strategies for generating DNA-directed RNA interference constructs.
Two complementary strategies for preparing DNA-directed RNA interference (ddRNAi) constructs designed to express hpRNA, using oligonucleotide assembly and long-range cloning, which can greatly simplify the design and generation of many expression constructs, including constructs for ddRNAi. Expand